Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Change

Year: 2007
Title: Big Change

Front Cover:

bchange front small

Back Cover:

big change back small

Photos & Credits:

big change inner small


big change cd small


1. Sinners Of St. Avenue
2. New York's A Go-Go
3. Big Change
4. Pumpin' Up The P House
5. London Baby
6. Thank You Very Much
7. Johnny 3:16
8. My Spine Is A Bass Line
9. Hopeless Believers
10. PET (Pressure, Pressure)
11. Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque
12. The Last Day
13. Evolution No. 9
14. P House (Soundbluntz Club Mix)

Produced and Engineered by Rob Stuart

Colin Troy - Vocals and Samples
Andrew Starr - Guitars
Doug Lea - Drums
Rob Stuart - Synthesizers

Tony Eaton - Acoustic Guitar on New York's A Go-Go
Richard Heyfron - Acoustic Guitar on Hopeless Believers
David Cunningham - Bass Guitar on Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque and Evolution No. 9
Kim Stuart - Whispers on Evolution No. 9

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