Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Money Shot

Year: 2009
Title: The Money Shot

Front Cover:

tms front

Back Cover:

tms back cover


tms credits

Inside booklet:

tms inside cover

Inside tray:

tms tray card


1. Let's All Go To The Show
2. Weapon Of Self Destruction
3. Dirty Disco
4. Healing Hands
5. Boy Vs. Girl
6. Average Life Span
7. Please Have Sex With Me
8. Jimi Hendrix
9. Love Unknown
10. Strange Summer (Some Are So Strange)
11. S.O.B.
12. Metaphysical
13. Love And Let Die
14. White Knuckle Trip
15. My Beautiful One
16. Dirty Disco (Whoregeous Mix)

Colin Troy - Vocals

colin 2

colin 3

colin troy

Rob Stuart - Synthesizers

rob 3

rob 2

rob stuart

Andrew Starr - Guitars

andrew 3

andrew 2

andrew starr

Doug Lea - Drums

doug 3

doug 2

doug lea

My Beautiful One


I don't need to climb the top of an Everest mountain
I don't need to sail the world's bluest sea
You can cut down your garden of crimson roses
Go steal away all the gold from the streets up in heaven
I don't wanna feel the "JOI DE VIVRE" of a Paris evening
Please melt away the first fallen snow in December
Go cool the warmest breezes of a virgin island

Stop counting all your starlights
Go turn off all your sunsets
'Cause all I want, is what is here
All I need is my beautiful

You're my beautiful
You are my beautiful one

White Knuckle Trip


We're two oneway tunnels
Looking out for a train
A crash, boom collision
Ending up with a bang
Just a speed demon
Driving the American mile
Keep your hands on the handle
Harley Davidson style
So let's shake, shake
Before we fornicate
Reving up the throttle
Before it's too late
We're screwed blue
And tatooed
A little beaten up
And slightly abused

This ain't no slow ride
It's a white Knuckle trip
A handful of head
and a headful of fist

Gear shifter baby,
Leather driver seat
You was born on a hood
With the sound of speed
Life's a car crashed,
Liquor blended gasoline
Built for the highway
We suffer the heat
A bit of road rage
In the fast lane
Gotta hot rushed fever
Running all through my veins
Don't let it slow down
'Cause we're hellbound
Single blurred vision
Never will be the same

Love And Let Die


Don't drop me down from the ledge of my building
It's a beautiful view when your standing here
I don't need no sweet words or soothing comfort
I don't need you standing so close to me

This is the day when everything is black everything is white
This is the day when it's better to..

Love and let die
Just hello or good bye
Paint it black or paint it white
Put up your dukes or don't fight

Don't lift me down from the cliff of my mountain
It's taken too long to climb way up here
I don't need no rescue
I don't need no superman nor some kind of helping hand
Just let me be

This is the time when everything is low everything is high
This is the day when it's better to..

Love and let die
Just hello or good bye
Paint it black or paint it white
Put up your dukes or don't fight

Sometimes you cannot walk in the mid of the road
(Better to lose in love than never have loved at all)
At times ya make it stop and just let it go
With your hands in the fire you are gonna get burned
These are the lessons that we eventually learn
It will make you laugh and it will make you cry
There will come a time when you finally decide
That its better to be cruel or its better to be kind
That's its better to..

Love and let die



Hey baby Hey baby don't know what your sayin lately
Your tongue is talking inside out and no one understands ya

2 times, good times, Metaphysical
5 times, high times, Metaphysical

Head bashin, Face scratchin, 100 m.p.h baby
Your lips is talking lingo and I barely recognize ya

8 times, great times, Metaphysical
6 times, shit times, Metaphysical

Bless my ass bless my soul
who's that lit like a canonball
shootin up, shootin down the hall
left alone in the afterfall
Lets play tweaker, lets play twister
Bugged out, freaked out, flipped out trickster
Game of winners and losers betchya
After the burn has etched and sketched ya!

2 times, good times, Metaphysical
5 times, high times, Metaphysical
8 times, great times, Metaphysical
shit times, 6 times, Metaphysical



Love me love me love me do
You love me and I do too
God blessed me with my attitude
It ain't my fault that you think I'm rude

You may say I'm outa touch
You may think I swear too much
You may know I ain't that tough
But tell, but tell me that my Mommy still loves me

I wanna be your favourite
I wanna be your favourite

Hate me hate me hate me do
You hate me and I hate you
It's just a first person's point of view
Ya fool with me, I fool with you

I must confess, I'm arrogant
I must admit, I'm full of shit
I must confide, get over it
At least I know, Yes I know that my Mommy still loves me


Strange Summer (Some Are So Strange)


I was talking to myself
when he came and spoke to me
I see your alive, 6'5", brown hair and blue eyed

I was walking by myself
When he stood in front of me
You can't get to there from where you are here..
You're stuck where your standing

I was dancing by myself
When he tripped right into me
The music is off, it's time that you stop, there's nobody moving

I was drinking by myself
When he pulled a chair to me
Last call is gone, it's time to move on, the summer is over

Strange, strange summer
Some are so strange

Jimi Hendrix


Sometimes I feel so low, y'know
Sometimes I feel so, that I
Lie in my bed...stare at the ceiling
And let Jimi take over

Please Have Sex With Me


Down on luck can't give a f#%K
Kiss my lips and come dance til 3
Gin and tonics 'til we're chronic
Desparate us and desparate we

Please, Please, Please, Please
Please, Please have sex with me

This ain't romance
This ain't the movies
This is primal human need
Copulate until we break and in the morning

Hey Girl, Hey Boy
Please please have sex with me
Hey Boy, Hey Girl swing like it's '83

I don't care if your black or yellow
I don't care if its Het or Homo
I don't care if it's fast or in slo-mo
I'm so tired of palying solo

Average Life Span


I was born in middle ville and was raised on middle road
For 30 years, time stand still, not too rich but not too poor
Now I paint my picket fence a lilly white, no consequence
It's not too dark, Yet not too bland
Just the colour of an average life span

Between the black and white
Between the day and night
Within the blink of an eye
An average life goes by

2.5 is what i've bred in the bed that I made
Not too many but too less
And I won't drink and I won't smoke
Won't take no chance, no consequence
It's not too good but not too bad
Just a man with an average life span!!!

Fear in the factor, factor out the fear
Don't be rockin with the boat'
Don't be messin with the plan
The law of the typical law of the land
How many years in an average life span?

Boy Vs. Girl


Spiking out the Pink, baby battle out the blue
The muscle headed intellect and blonde taboo
With there Femme passive tact vs man-cage rage
Watch 'em taking off there gloves in a modern age

Now that Ken vs Barbie, Dick vs Jane
Jane vs Tarzan as the monkey goes insane
Eve vs Adam as Chuck vs Di
Thank God for papparazzi for lighting up our lives

When boy vs girl, or girl vs boy
Does it come down choosing one or the other?
When he vs she, or she vs he
Does it come down to being nuture or nature?

Y and X meet sex complex
Watch 'em dancing on the thread of love and violence
With there mind games and head games its simon says
Its not the fight with your fists but the battle 'tween your legs
Now that John vs Jackie, Jackie vs Jill
They lining up the rifle get him ready for the kill
As Lennon vs Ono, as Kong vs Wray
NY ain't a Go-Go as they blow 'em both away

Dirty Disco


The Y-style of the Z-list
arrogant and ill contagious
So beautifully whoregeous
Ya shakin' your rump when your on da' good bump
The high style of the pretty
so chemically blonde and filthy
Ya screamin' like a bitten banshee
But ya got no funk when your so G'd up

Drink up Drink up Dance for sex and fast romance
Gamble out your the Dirty Disco
Shake it like a dog, Ya give it what you got
So take your money the Dirty Disco

The instant pop commercial
from head to toe in tinsel
Ya shake it like a homo hustler
ya moving on the round with the big boys now
Cigarettes and chocolate poppers
Ya spinnin' like a helicopter
So sexy in polyster
The wanna-B lista's lost his crown

So pretty, so dirty, so filty, so dirty

Healing Hands


Love come quickly, shine your soul around
Come baptize me, I was lost but now am found
In the name of my fathers son
In the name of my own NEW truth
In the name of the earthly one
Can you feel me?
Can you feel me?

Shine on Shaman and touch me on my face
Sky meets heaven, embraced in a loving grace
We will walk out on the water
We will shout out hallelujah
We will fall down at the alter
Can you feel me?
Can you feel me?

Touch my broken body
Feel my damaged soul
The universe come in me

Weapon Of Self Destruction


Flashpot explosion can you hear the big sound?
For decades I been living in my mushroom cloud
I been blinded, been beaten
I been stolen, been cheated
I can't get myself standing up for falling down

With good intention and no perception
No strong protection, reflection

Banging up my temper
I'd be quick to be tied
Been choking on my words from my genocide
After tripping, after kickin'
After bruising from the lickin'
I can't see any vision thru my two black eyes

It was a question of self deception
It was oppression, prevention

Baby, baby, baby I'm a one man army
Baby, baby, baby I'm a one man war
Baby, baby, baby Don't you try to stop me
Baby, baby, baby 'cause I got no choice


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Songs from "The Gardens"

Title: Songs from "The Gardens"

Front Cover:

gardens front large

Back Cover:

gardens back large


1. Pumpin' Up The P House (The Gardens Mix)
2. City Life
3. London Baby
4. Thank You Very Much
5. Take Me To Tuesday
6. Taxi
7. The Last Days Of September
8. Baby Don't Like No Disco
9. Pumpin' Up The P House
10. Evolution No. 9 (Radio Edit)
11. PET (Pressure, Pressure)
12. Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque (Remix No. 4)
13. Beautiful Life
14. Over You
15. Nothing's Wrong With The World
16. Pumpin' Up The 'P House (Party People House Mix)

Pumpin' Up The P House

Title: Pumpin' Up The P House

Front Cover:

p house front large

Back Cover:

p house back large


1. Pumpin' Up The P House
2. Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque
3. Voodoo Sex
4. Young and Bored
5. Transister
6. Spit On Me
7. Hopeless Believers
8. Satellite
9. Heavy Bones
10. Summertown
11. New York City Boots
12. Baby Don't Like No Disco
13. Rich Boy Rebel (Live From Montreal)
14. Taxi (Live From Montreal)
15. Great Escape

12 Top Hits

Year: 2006
Title: 12 Top Hits

Front Cover:

12 top front small

Back Cover:

12 top back small




1. Evolution No. 9
2. PET (Pressure, Pressure)
3. Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque
4. London Baby
5. Thank You Very Much
6. Johnny 3:16
7. My Spine Is A Bass Line
8. Big Change/Anne
9. I Don't Look Good In Red
10. Pumpin' Up The P House
11. Spit On Me
12. The Last Day
13. Sinners Of St. Avenue
14. Re-Evolution

Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Rob Stuart

Colin Troy - Vocals
Rob Stuart - Synthesizers
Andrew Starr - Guitars
Doug Lea - Drums

David Cunningham - Bass Guitar on tracks 1, 3 & 11
Kim Stuart - Sexy voice on "Red"

Big Change

Year: 2007
Title: Big Change

Front Cover:

bchange front small

Back Cover:

big change back small

Photos & Credits:

big change inner small


big change cd small


1. Sinners Of St. Avenue
2. New York's A Go-Go
3. Big Change
4. Pumpin' Up The P House
5. London Baby
6. Thank You Very Much
7. Johnny 3:16
8. My Spine Is A Bass Line
9. Hopeless Believers
10. PET (Pressure, Pressure)
11. Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque
12. The Last Day
13. Evolution No. 9
14. P House (Soundbluntz Club Mix)

Produced and Engineered by Rob Stuart

Colin Troy - Vocals and Samples
Andrew Starr - Guitars
Doug Lea - Drums
Rob Stuart - Synthesizers

Tony Eaton - Acoustic Guitar on New York's A Go-Go
Richard Heyfron - Acoustic Guitar on Hopeless Believers
David Cunningham - Bass Guitar on Gorilla Swingin' Discotheque and Evolution No. 9
Kim Stuart - Whispers on Evolution No. 9