Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boy Vs. Girl


Spiking out the Pink, baby battle out the blue
The muscle headed intellect and blonde taboo
With there Femme passive tact vs man-cage rage
Watch 'em taking off there gloves in a modern age

Now that Ken vs Barbie, Dick vs Jane
Jane vs Tarzan as the monkey goes insane
Eve vs Adam as Chuck vs Di
Thank God for papparazzi for lighting up our lives

When boy vs girl, or girl vs boy
Does it come down choosing one or the other?
When he vs she, or she vs he
Does it come down to being nuture or nature?

Y and X meet sex complex
Watch 'em dancing on the thread of love and violence
With there mind games and head games its simon says
Its not the fight with your fists but the battle 'tween your legs
Now that John vs Jackie, Jackie vs Jill
They lining up the rifle get him ready for the kill
As Lennon vs Ono, as Kong vs Wray
NY ain't a Go-Go as they blow 'em both away

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