Thursday, July 23, 2009

White Knuckle Trip


We're two oneway tunnels
Looking out for a train
A crash, boom collision
Ending up with a bang
Just a speed demon
Driving the American mile
Keep your hands on the handle
Harley Davidson style
So let's shake, shake
Before we fornicate
Reving up the throttle
Before it's too late
We're screwed blue
And tatooed
A little beaten up
And slightly abused

This ain't no slow ride
It's a white Knuckle trip
A handful of head
and a headful of fist

Gear shifter baby,
Leather driver seat
You was born on a hood
With the sound of speed
Life's a car crashed,
Liquor blended gasoline
Built for the highway
We suffer the heat
A bit of road rage
In the fast lane
Gotta hot rushed fever
Running all through my veins
Don't let it slow down
'Cause we're hellbound
Single blurred vision
Never will be the same

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