Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dirty Disco


The Y-style of the Z-list
arrogant and ill contagious
So beautifully whoregeous
Ya shakin' your rump when your on da' good bump
The high style of the pretty
so chemically blonde and filthy
Ya screamin' like a bitten banshee
But ya got no funk when your so G'd up

Drink up Drink up Dance for sex and fast romance
Gamble out your the Dirty Disco
Shake it like a dog, Ya give it what you got
So take your money the Dirty Disco

The instant pop commercial
from head to toe in tinsel
Ya shake it like a homo hustler
ya moving on the round with the big boys now
Cigarettes and chocolate poppers
Ya spinnin' like a helicopter
So sexy in polyster
The wanna-B lista's lost his crown

So pretty, so dirty, so filty, so dirty

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