Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Money Shot

Year: 2009
Title: The Money Shot

Front Cover:

tms front

Back Cover:

tms back cover


tms credits

Inside booklet:

tms inside cover

Inside tray:

tms tray card


1. Let's All Go To The Show
2. Weapon Of Self Destruction
3. Dirty Disco
4. Healing Hands
5. Boy Vs. Girl
6. Average Life Span
7. Please Have Sex With Me
8. Jimi Hendrix
9. Love Unknown
10. Strange Summer (Some Are So Strange)
11. S.O.B.
12. Metaphysical
13. Love And Let Die
14. White Knuckle Trip
15. My Beautiful One
16. Dirty Disco (Whoregeous Mix)

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